Why You Should Get a Skin Booster Treatment

woman lying down with eyes closed while receiving a skin booster treatment injection at an aesthetic clinic

People in their 20s usually start seeing the devastating impact of free radicals attacking the skin. This could be due to overexposure to heat or because of their lifestyle. However, the changes become more pronounced when they get to their 30s. At this point, healthy collagen fibers’ production starts diminishing, resulting in uneven skin tone and a dull complexion. 

If you start seeing signs of skin damage and not act on it, expect things to get worse as you get to your 40s and 50s. As the skin starts thinning, which always happens as you age, it will become thinner and more sensitive. So, you will start seeing changes in the skin pigmentation, uneven skin tone, redness, and signs of aging become more visible.

Getting skin booster treatments early will ensure your skin the support it needs to fight free radicals and heat damage. Your age will also be less visible, and you can even get away with taking a few years off your biological age because you have well-hydrated skin. More information about what skin boosters can do for your skin can be found here.

Skin boosters do not alter your facial expressions

Several cosmetic procedures often leave people with altered facial expressions. This has caused some people to stay away for aesthetic treatments. If you worry about long term side effects of beauty enhancement treatments, you should try skin booster treatments.

Skin boosters are primarily used to hydrate the skin and encourage increased production of elastin and collagen. These are natural processes that result in radiant skin with minimal changes, including no impact on facial expressions. 

Temporary side effects

During a skin booster treatment, several micro-injections will be used. The numbing cream applied will protect you from pain or discomfort, but you are likely to have some redness and bruising after the treatment.

Fortunately, these side effects are minor and will disappear in a few days. If you are uncertain about having enough time to recover, this shouldn’t be an issue because you can quickly go back to your life immediately after the treatment. 

Skin boosters can be used on various parts of the body

Unlike many dermal fillers that work on specific skin problems, such as wrinkles, thinning skin, face contouring, thin lips, and much more, skin boosters take care of an array of skin problems all at once. This is why they can be used on any part of the body that needs restoration. For example, the treatment can be applied on the neck, lips, hands, acne scars, and face. 

Your lifestyle as an impact on the outcome

Results from the skin boosters can be seen after a series of treatments in the first three months. Your doctor may request you to have three treatments in the first three months, then another after six months. 

This will help your skin remain hydrated. You can also play a role in how well your body responds to the treatment. You can do this by exercising, eating right, and developing healthy habits that will not negatively affect the outcome. 

Excessive alcohol consumption, stress, sun exposure, and pollution can affect how the skin responds to the treatment. Eating food rich in isoflavones will help your body maintain high collagen levels, primarily since skin booster treatment stimulates the growth of collagen.