Halal F & B Businesses in Singapore



Every country composes of people of different kinds of religion with different beliefs and customs. In a country like Singapore, our Muslim brothers and sisters make up a big number of the entire population. If you also notice, they have big names when it comes to business. They own some of the most successful businesses, some of the biggest buildings, and even some of the most beautiful hotels and restaurants. That is why it is undeniable that our Muslims are really smart and good when it comes to business. However, we should not worry because we could be like them too.

Musliminc’s article below will share to us five great Halal business ideas that could inspire us.

5 Great Halal Business Ideas: They Will Inspire You Like They Did Me!

The Muslim consumer market undeniably presents the next big thing for investors at 1.8 billion and growing, it only makes sense that big business will soon find itself catering for the Muslim Market. The Halal market alone is estimated at USD 2.1 trillion a year and considering the expected population growth in Muslim countries, it will increase by 500 billion a year.

However, Islam teaches us the virtues of unity and how it gives our ummah strength. If you were to ask who is the most united community in the world. You may be surprised to find, it’s 300 Leverage Muslims. Yes, you heard it right. There are 300 Muslims who got together and launched a business collectively and that’s our No.1 recommendation for a halal business today. Read more here.

Unity could really bring you into something big and it is one of the most admirable things about Muslims. No wonder, a lot of them are already really successful right now. As said earlier, they own some of the most beautiful restaurants you could see. In Singapore, you could find a great number of Halal restaurants which are really beautiful. Adila Shahrin will tell us about them through the article below.

                                  20 Best Halal Restaurants in Singapore

            It’s not that difficult to find a Halal restaurant in Singapore. We’re surrounded by Halal outlets at almost every nook and cranny of Singapore but it certainly was difficult trying to figure out which restaurants would make it into our list of 20 Best Halal Restaurants in Singapore.

This list of restaurants has got me drooling just thinking about them. So beware! If you’ve not had your lunch or dinner, reading this article might just make your stomach pangs worse. With that said, you can always visit these restaurants to satisfy your hunger.

  1. Ayam Penyet Ria

 Ayam Penyet Ria is hands-down my favourite ayam penyet restaurant. Whenever I’m in town, I try my best to visit this place for lunch or dinner because I know I’ll regret it if I don’t. Just thinking about it makes me drool. Urgh, bring me there now please!!! Read more here.

Oh no! Just seeing those pictures of food would really make you hungry and make you want to taste even just one of them. But wait! There’s more! Nafeesa Saini will show us more Halal restaurants in Singapore. Now be prepared to feel hungrier and crave more for a special and different kind of cuisine.

Halal restaurants and cafes in Singapore: Your ultimate guide

Thankfully for our Muslim friends, the halal scene in Singapore just keeps getting better and better. Step inside for the ultimate guide to the best halal restaurants and cafe in the city The great thing about living in Singapore is its diversity, and we’re not just talking about its people. Virtually any type of cuisine is found here – whether you’re nursing a craving for French food or sticking to a vegetarian diet, chances are you’ll find it in the Little Red Dot. Case in point? Halal food. In recent years, the city’s seen a huge surge in the Halal scene, with cafes popping up all over town with great grub, coffees and pastries in tow. Keep reading for a list of our top Halal restaurants and cafes in Singapore for Muslim foodies.


The Halia at Singapore Botanic Gardens

Recently certified halal, The Halia at Singapore Botanic Gardens has quickly climbed up the ranks as a popular spot for special occasions. Hidden in the Ginger garden of Singapore Botanic Gardens, Halia’s proximity to the city and tranquil setting makes it the perfect escape from the city.  Read more here.

Wow! Now that we have read everything above, we already have an idea of where to head to when we want to taste something new and delicious. Those restaurants would really make you want to go to Singapore. It just proves that Singapore does not just have beautiful destinations and tourist attractions; they also have great food, specifically Halal food. So if you ever got a chance to visit Singapore, never miss the chance to visit and try the food of even just one of the restaurants mentioned above.