Are luxury hotels for everyone?

The question always arises when you have to go on a holiday, what kind of hotel do you choose. Some may prefer a 4 star hotel in singapore and above . It depends on how much you value the small luxuries of life. To you maybe you do not need that private lap pool in your room that the hotel is advertising but to someone else that is essential as it will allow them to take a dip in the water anytime they want.

There is always two sides of the argument when it comes to the value of a good hotel experience. However, one thing is for sure that if the hotel that you stay at does not live up to your expectation it can ruin the whole vacation experience which is more disheartening than spending a little more money and staying in a better hotel.

Luxury living on a budget

When you think of a luxury hotel you do not always have to book the presidential room. Most hotels have rooms that can cater to most budgets and all you have to do is look and you will find a room that can suit your needs. Most hotels also have various different packages and add ons that you dont usually need especially if you choose to live there long term. You just have to do a bit of research and try and find the most convenient one for you.

Value of Luxury

The fact that you are reading this on a smartphone or a laptop means that you do value the importance of certain luxuries. So why not extend that to the place that you have to stay. You just need to stay at a luxury hotel once to realize how good the experience is and then you will never really even consider anywhere else. If you give more importance to the overall experience than the amount of money you will be spending than a luxury hotel is the place for you.

Quality of the service

Most luxury hotels hire only those who have extensive experience in the hospitality industry and are usually well trained and have studied hospitality. This is directly related to the experience that you have with regards to service in the hotel you choose. Even the food that you will get in a luxury hotel will be better as it will be made by a world class chef who has years of training and experience and knows what you need.

Customized experience

Being able to order room service every day is definitely a perk of living in a hotel however if that is not really something that fits into your budget or if you like to cook yourself you can also get rooms that have a kitchenette that allows you to cook your own food. Along with the kitchenette, there are also hotels that provide you with washers and dryers in the room so that you do not have to pay any laundry service charges and also have portable or in-built dishwashers to help you clean up.

Location is key

Most luxury hotels will be found in prime locations as opposed to other hotels that will be located in far off locations and you will need to spend time and money to travel to the places of your choice. Taking this into consideration it is sometimes more economical to choose to stay at a luxury hotel in the heart of the region rather than spend the money traveling.

Although at the end of the day the choice is yours, but living in a luxury hotel definitely has its perks especially if you have been saving up to treat yourself during your vacation.